QSC K10 - $140/week or $35/day

One of the most versatile and best sounding powered speakers ever made. Use it as a main speaker or monitor wedge. No amp required and you may not need a mixing console either! For simple applications, just plug in an iPod, microphone, keyboard, or anything else, and you're off! At just 35 pounds, each K10 packs 1000 Watts of power that can fill most spaces with ease.



JBL JRX115 - $60/week or $15/day

There's a reason that these have been around for a long time: They are rock solid and sound great. The 15" woofer packs a big punch, and gives you all of the bass you need, without sacrificing clarity. Pair with one of our amplifiers to get it powered up.



QSC RMX1450 - $100/week or $25/day

Up to 2400 Watts of power. Sounds great and puts out the power that you need. What else could you want? Pair with one or more of our passive speakers!


Galaxy Hot Spot PA6BT

Galaxy Hot Spot PA6BT - $60/week or $15/day

The PA6BT Powered Hot Spot Personal Monitor with Bluetooth from Galaxy Audio is a compact, full-range Bluetooth PA monitor with a 6.5" Neolite Neodymium woofer and a 1.5" tweeter that delivers up to 170W of Class-D amplifier power.