“The sound design for this show is the best sound this theater has ever heard, by a factor of 10.

- Brian Kosanovich, artistic director

"I just wanted to thank you for being a part of our production!! You did a fantastic job and I really appreciate all your work!!"

- Michele Dastoli, director

"It was so great working with you this year. I was so proud of this year’s production and you were a huge part of it!!"

- Michele Dastoli, assistant director

"Last night was night and day from Wednesday. I just wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing with our kids. Just from a production standpoint, it is awesome to hear so many more voices this year. In my seven years, the aim has been to inch closer and closer to better show quality with each show. Still aiming to keep improving. Your presence has been a big, big help—so thank you!"

- A-men Rasheed, Director of Theater, Westminster School

“Everyone is talking about how great the sound was.”

- Linda DeRosa-Coakley, Theater Director, Archbishop Williams High School

“The sound design was great - it reinforced and supported all the action on stage without overshadowing.

- Audience Member

"Your work was terrific."

- Bob Shea, artistic director

"Thank you for caring."

- John McCluggage, director

"Thank you to everyone who put their amazing creative energies into our Mousetrap. It was an amazing show and it sells out - not just because it is Agatha Christie - but because it is WELL DONE Agatha Chrisitie."

- Clayton Phillips, director

“I can’t thank you enough for your work and your patience with the way we work. This has been a really helpful collaboration for me, and I’m tremendously grateful for your assistance.”

- Bill Jacob, Theater Director, Brimmer and May school

“EVITA sound was the best ever”

- George Sweet, Friends of Melrose Drama


“This is the first concert that I haven’t had to worry about the sound.
— Jessi Eisdorfer, manager of the Melrose Symphony

"Thanks again Kyle especially for your patience and sense of humor :) It was a real pleasure working with  you and hope we can again some time!"

- Tom Rosa, Producer, Melrose Rotary Club


This concert sounded the best that it ever has.

- Sue Brown, wife of world-class guitarist Steve Brown

"You are a wonderful and talented sound engineer. It was my pleasure to work with you. Thank you again for doing such a great job with everything!"

- Faith Kasparian, vocalist

"My friend said that that was the best that we've sounded in a while."

- Caleb Whelden, Member of Overboard Vocal Ensemble

Rentals & Sales

"We were thrilled with the mics, your help as we decided what to get and what would work best and even just your service in general.  We will definitely be calling you in the future."

- Lisa Coleman, Director of Fine Arts, Covenant Christian Academy

"Everything went smoothly. Thanks so much!!!"

- Jean Robison, director

"We had our first tech rehearsal today and [the microphones] worked great!"

- Theater Director

"The gig went very well. Packed room, all ears, and appreciative! Thank you so much for the speakers. Everybody dug the sound and I was really pleased. Scott had his mic in one speaker and mine in another as well as piano through both with no complications. Very simple and intuitive."

- Berklee Jazz Piano Professor

"Thanks so much for all your help so far. I really appreciate not just that you were able to help us out with everything at a price that worked, but also that you took the time to talk through things with me, understand our needs and provide good advice as I put together the package."

Director of Theater, Belmont High School


"...thought you got a terrific balance, especially with all the challenges in mic placement. Thanks for your care and refinement."

- Lee Wilson, conductor

"It sounded great so thanks to you too! It would be great to work together in the future."

- Brandon Cardwell, videographer

“I like the way he shaded our performance to make it sound more urgent. He has a great ear and concept for what should be there in the final mix.”

- Scott Free, Berklee Guitar and Composition Professor

“The fact that you are a musician makes your recordings particularly sensitive to the challenges encountered in both the environment and the vocal balance.”

- Lee Wilson, director, Coolidge Corner Community Chorus