The process

We believe that often, the best sound designs are those designs that are the least perceptible. Audience members want to hear actors, not microphones; they want to hear thunder, not loudspeakers. Therefore, we often begin from a point of realism, and then work with the director and production team to integrate the sound elements in a way that will help support their work and realize the full vision. Sometimes this means that we must stray far from the point of realism at which we began, and when done for the right reasons, the result can be an incredible design.



"...the best sound this theater has ever heard, by a factor of 10.” - Brian Kosanovich, artistic director
" reinforced and supported all the action on stage without overshadowing.

Sample Work

Goodman Brown enters the forest, filled with "frightful sounds" before coming upon a clearing with "four blazing pines" and a hymn in the distance. He approaches the voices, and there is a loud sound before the scene vanishes, and he is back to reality.


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