We believe that often, the best sound designs are those designs that are the least perceptible. Audience members want to hear actors, not microphones; they want to hear thunder, not loudspeakers.



We provide sound reinforcement for a wide range of musical and speaking events. This includes everything from orchestras to rock bands to choirs to a cappella to speaking engagements.



Having recorded well over 200 concerts, and many more studio recordings, we're experienced in creating high quality recordings for a wide range of ensembles.


Audio systems are inherently very complex systems. Therefore, they must be designed with the end user in mind, and that is exactly what we do.

Select Clients
Central Square Theater
The Barnstormers Theater
Overboard Vocal Ensemble
The Dana Center
Coolidge Corner Community Chorus

Sample Work


We understand that when you're renting gear, you're on a tight time frame, and it just needs to work. In order to meet your expectations, we meticulously maintain our gear, and test it before each rental.


Who better to buy gear from than the people who actually use it? Most dealers that sell gear never use it. We use pro audio gear all of the time, so we know the pros and cons of each piece of gear, and not just based on what a spec sheet says.