Yamaha TF3

Yamaha TF3 - $600/week or $150/day

In the Spring of 2015, Yamaha released an incredibly versatile, easy to use, and great sounding mixer, so we had to get one. Unlike their past digital boards, which were often geared towards theatre OR music events, this console is truly great for both. It's easy to use so you can get to work quickly, but flexible enough that it's not at all limiting


Yamaha TIO1608-D

Yamaha TIO1608-D - $300/week or $75/day

Designed to work remotely with Yamaha TF-series consoles, the Tio1608-D is a preamp, I/O rack, and stage box. It uses Dante protocol to transmit multiple channels of audio from the stage to the console over one solitary ethernet cable.

This rental includes a 200 foot ethercon cable.


Carvin C1644

Carvin C1644 - $140/week or $35/day

Similar in layout to a Mackie mixer, but with a better sound! This console features 16 channels, 4 busses, 2 nine band equalizers, 2 effect processors, and much more!



dbxAFS2 - $50/week or $12.50/day

Once you mix a show with it, you'll never want to mix a show without it. Run the wizard before a show, and it automatically finds where the system will feed back, and eliminates those frequencies. During the show, it keeps working, finding feedback (sometimes even before you can hear it), and eliminating it. It's like magic.



dbx215 - $32/week or $8/day

Simple yet powerful, this equalizer will be a useful tool in any sound reinforcement situation. In addition to the equalizers, this unit features: a bypass switch, a low cut switch, and a variety of gain adjustment options to meet your needs.